Course Information

The recertification program is to educate all Independent Dealer Operators and stay informed of changes in laws and regulations to your business
Our course emphasizes recent changes in state and federal laws and regulations that impact your used car dealership
This course is filled with new information for you to learn or be reminded of since you are the dealer operator
The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board is notified immediately after you have completed the course.

Virtual Classroom

For The Virtual Course, You Need:

  • Computer/Tablet/Phone With Camera
  • Zoom Installed
  • Confirm Meeting Registration At Zoom
  • Confirm Identity With Valid Driver's License
  • Constant Internet Connection
  • Keep Your Camera On During Entire Course
  • Confirmation email which has your credentials

In-Person Classroom

For The In-Person Course, You Will Need:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Pen And Paper To Take Notes If You Wish