Course Information

The recertification program is aimed to educate all Independent Dealer-Operators. Dealer-Operators who stay informed of changes in laws and regulations are more likely to succeed in business and have more satisfied customers!

  • Take this course on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Our course was created to be the most convenient

  • Avoid downtime at the dealership and travel time to a classroom. Take the course on your own time schedule and from anywhere you wish.

  • Our Course emphasizes recent changes in state and federal laws regulations that impact a used car dealership

  • This course is filled with new information for you to learn or be reminded of as being the Dealer-Operator

  • Begin this course within minutes of registration!

  • You may print The Certificate Of Completion at the end of the course.

  • The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board is notified immediately after you have completed the course.

There are no grandfather exceptions to recertify as an Independent Dealer Operator. A Dealer-Operator’s recertification schedule is based on the month and year in which you were originally certified as a Dealer-Operator. If you do not know your re-certification date, click on this link to find your recertification deadline.

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