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Course Content 4.7 stars

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Course Support 4.8 stars

I really enjoyed taking the course

A very informative and educational course. I enjoyed it very much!

It's to slow but a good class

Well covered course ! Thanks

Consider changing the voice doing the recording. Got monontonous hearing same voice. Every other test could be a female voice?

this course was very understandable and simple to understand. see you in 3 years

Great course learned a lot very satisfied. Thank You Robert Taylor

I appreciate the help the day of my testing. As you know there was some attacking of your servers and then an update by you while I was trying to test. My frustration was high as I tested. Having to repeat a 39 minute section was the most frustrating issue. Your team made me feel as if I was the only person taking the test that day. I was kept in the loop of what was happening and what to expect. Thank you for that. Just to be picky there are numerous "typos". Sometimes a word that was spelled correctly but not correct for the sentence occurred. In one case completely changed the meaning of the sentence. Everything being said, I will see you in three years.

Good job with the info. Thanks

Good job with the info. Thanks

easy to use, quick to take, informative and pleasant.

Any money figure that includes taxes,process fee,plates,title and any money that turn in to state

I am a longtime antique automobile dealer that handles a significant number of consigned vehicles.I was a little confused by this section of the program. If I am the one representing the vehicle, and therefore the person that has advertised and/or described the condition of the vehicle and the terms of sale, then the buyers order and the terms of financial transaction are agreed upon between myself (the Seller) and the customer (the Buyer). Legal responsibility in my opinion should rest on that contract. Thus the assertion that it is good or acceptable practice to jump the title between my client (the Consignor) and the Buyer seems a little reckless. I have always recorded a transfer on the title from the consignor to my dealership, and then from my dealership to the buyer. This bit of extra paperwork by the way has uncovered countless keystroke errors, V.I.N. errors, and odometer errors that otherwise may have gone uncorrected.

Allow us as dealers to take the test, without the review section or allow us to skip ahead to the test section. On the new material make that section mandatory to watch. Overall experience was pleasant. I called the tech support two times, 1st time they answered quickly, the 2nd a call back was needed, that was done in a timely fashion as well. Thank you again. Matt

Great job! Great information ! I've been in the business for 20 plus years and i always learn something. Thanks

I found this recertification course to be informative and educational. The format was presented in a way that wasn't stressful. A lot of folks are responsible and intelligent but just don't test well and this format helped to alleviated that problem. My limited interaction with the support staff was excellent. They were very supportive, knowledgeable, and friendly but at the same time conducted themselves in a professional manner. Thank you for making this refresher course an enjoyable , stress free experience. I wish you success and best of luck in all of your future endeavors. Sincerely, Dean